Title -  Super Runabout   (スーパー ランナバウト)

Maker - Climax Entertainment  Catalogue No. - T-22101M


Type - Driving Action



From the creators of Blue Stinger and Illbleed (for which they changed the name of the company to Crazy Games) comes Super Runabout.  But Climax Graphics made a BIG mistake and programmed this game using Windows CE, and as you probably know by now, Windows CE = Shitty end results, in this case, a lack of frames and slowdown.  Luckily Climax have managed to over come this by keeping the game play interesting at all times.  Choose between two different scenarios and take to the street in a variety of different vehicles.  My personal favorite is right near the end were you have to invade Alcatraz and trash the place.  Another cool thing about this game is the ability to wreck your car by smashing into over vehicles or even buildings around you.  Great fun (^v^)