Title -  Space Channel 5 Part 2   (スペースチャンネル5パート2)


Maker - Sega / UGA    Catalogue No. - HDR-0190


Type - Musical Action Adventure



Ulala Otsukaremashita !!  Oh, how I love that phrase every time I get an Email on my PC. Ulala and Space Channel 5 is back bigger and better than before !!  The first game was OK but this sequel improves in ever possible way.  The backgrounds are no longer all FMV generated (One or Two still are though) but powered by the Dreamcast's graphical processors.  Ulala meets up with Michael Jackson in this version too which will make you die laughing as you hear "Space" Michael shout out Ularlar every time he should be saying Ulala.  Come on Michael, it isn't that difficult to say (^v^)  One thing that did anger me about the Dc release of Space Channel 5 part two was the fact that there was almost NO advertising for it but and unbelievable amount for the PS2 version which pales against the DC version.  Also the DC version was only available from Sega Direct.  It's as if Sega didn't want anyone to even know about the DC release.