Title -  Sakura Taisen 4  (サクラ大戦4)


Maker - Sega / Overworks    Catalogue No. - HDR-0191


Type - Dramatic Adventure



The last Sakura Taisen game to grace a Sega System which is really sad considering that it was always been a Sega franchise from the RED Company. Oh well. 

Sakura Taisen 4 is the best and most impressive looking Sakura Taisen game available on a Sega console and simply the best sakura Taisen game in the series.  It's just a shame that these game never got translated in to English even though I believe work was started on this one.  If you fancy a challenge and don't mind listening to Japanese and shifting though pages of Japanese text then Sakura Taisen 4 is defiantly a recommended title.  To be honest you'll probably be able to figure out the battle scenes with out many problems so at least those parts will be understandable.