Title -  Blue Submarine No.6 Time & Tide

(青の6号 タイム&タイード)


Maker - Sega    Catalogue No. - HDR-0075


Type - Action Adventure



Yet another obscure and pretty rare Sega release from Dreamcast.  Based on the Manga by Satoru Ozawa and OVA (Original Video Animation) of the same name.  The game is based around the exploits of a submarine salvage team that runs into some trouble but I'll keep from telling you so that not to spoil the game.  Blue Submarine features some really nice cell shaded character graphics in the adventure parts of the game along with some excellent music by Thrill the original composer for the OVA's music.  The action sequences are all based under water in a submarine as you'd expect.  The graphic detail here is also very high but what's most important in the control of the submarine.  I'm happy to say that this isn't a thing to find faults with.  The handling of the Submarine is so fluent that you'd forget it was a game.  If you can find a copy of this pretty rare title then DO buy it but be prepared to pay a bit more for it than your average used game.  This one I have set me back 4000 yen !!!  That's quite a bit for a used but in mint condition game.