What is Battle of the Ports?

Battle of the ports is quite simply a new video show that compares various arcade conversions to other home formats against the arcade original.  Covering from the early 8 bit home computers to the latest modern day consoles, if it’s a conversion or port of an original arcade game it gets featured.

While each video does contain as many versions of the same game as possible we do not claim that EVERY version of the game will be featured in the videos.  Sometimes certain versions are just far too rare that I may not even know about them or they’re not viable to cover.  Either way, I do try my best to cover as many possible versions as I can.

NEWS - December 13th 2014

9 new videos added to the site today (#28 to #36)  for download in glorious 60 fps HD video.

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Helping the show will get you 2 DVD data discs per month containing the month’s shows in full 60fps HD quality (higher than what YouTube offers) along with bonus data such as music tracks, image files and even some Japanese sweets / candy.

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