Title - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time (ティーエージ ミュータント ニンジャ タートルス / タートルス イン タイム)
Developer - Konami
Game Type - Beat’em Up Action
Catalogue No. - SHVC-TM
No. Of players - 1 or 2
High resolution scan pack download

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were cool, great and fun unlike now in 2013.  Or at least I think so.  Anyway, back at the TMNT height of popularity Konami made many TMNT games. Many being average on the GameBoy or NES / Famicom but Konami also made the TMNT arcade game which was a pretty good 2D scrolling beat 'em up.  Seeing how popular it was, Konami made a follow up called TMNT in Time or Turtles in Time.  Now this was one hell of a popular game.  Konami were on fire back then.  Their arcade games and home console games were amazing.  The Konami name instantly meant quality unlike today.  Anyway, Konami mentioned that they were going to port Turtles in Time to the SFC.  Many thought it couldn’t be done but they sure did.  Turtles in Time on the SFC is extremely close to its arcade big brother and better in some accounts thanks to new extra stages (The Technodrome and Elevator Stage), rearrange bosses which make more sense and even an improved soundtrack over the excellent arcade original.  In fact, the only real “bad” thing about the port is the lack of simultaneous 4 player action.  Still, 2 player isn’t bad.

So graphically the SFC port of Turtles in Time is very good.  The main character sprites are a little smaller with less animation and there’s a little less colour but overall it looks pretty much the same.  The audio again is very close to the sound of the arcade original although I do prefer the sound of the SFC version.  Quite a lot of in game speech is missing in the SFC game such as “Who turned the lights out?” as the turtles fall down a hole or “Cool down, sucker!” when the turtles drench someone in water.  But there is extra speech in the SFC version not found in the arcade original as the announcer says the title of each stage.

Gameplay wise, again it’s pretty much the same as the arcade.  Maybe a little slower but not by much.  There are less enemies on screen at once on the SFC version however compared to other scrolling beat 'em ups on the system it’s pretty hectic at times.  Each turtle has their own unique attack that vary in range, speed and strength.  I personally love using Michelangelo as his numb chucks are fast with a good reach and strength.  All turtles can grab enemies, throw them in to the screen, fling them from side to side, back attack and dash attack as well as having two air attacks.  Michelangelo’s being a swift drop kick from the sky or a slower moving attack where he floats down from a jump swinging his numb chucks.

TMNT - Turtles in Time is one of the best arcade beat 'em up home conversions of the time.  It may not be 100% perfect but it’s dam close.  It makes you wonder why Konami didn’t port some of it’s other arcade beat 'em ups such as The Simpsons or X-Men.