Title - Super Donkey Kong 2 (スーパードンキーコング 2 ディクシー&ディディー)
Developer - Rare
Game Type - Platform
Catalogue No. - SHVC-ADNJ-JPN
No. Of players - 1
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In comparison with the original Donkey Kong Country gameplay, this game includes many hidden bonus stages with collectible tokens (Kremkoins) which are rewarded for completing each stage. It also abandoned a few from the original game. For example, steel barrels were removed, eliminating the ability to roll on top of them. The ability to find hidden items in the ground was also removed. Some of these removed features were brought back in the third game in the series, Donkey Kong Country 3.

The hidden bonus levels can be found by finding barrels with the letter "B" on the front, although some of these bonus levels are hidden behind weak sections of wall which can be broken down with a barrel or a supercharge attack, as per the first game. Once collected at the end of each hidden stage these can be used to unlock the "Lost World" and eventually the final ending. There also exist rare "DK coins" in every standard level that are hidden by Cranky Kong which are extremely difficult to locate. The placement of these coins gets progressively more cryptic, subsequently providing an extra challenge beyond reaching the end of each level. Lastly the settings are more diverse, although the staple ice, cave, and jungle settings remain from the first game. As well as collectible tokens the player can also collect other items such as bananas, Kong letters and "life balloons". Collecting 100 bananas can gain the player an extra life, and collecting all the Kong letters will similarly give the player another life.

The ability to "piggyback" or use various animal companions can boost the gameplay experience, proving advantageous at certain points in a level or the whole level overall. These animals have certain unique abilities that the player can use such as Rambi's ability to charge at enemies and Rattly's ability to jump higher than with the two main characters. There is also a greater difference between the two protagonists abilities. Diddy Kong has the ability to run faster than his counterpart and perform an extended jump by cart wheeling off ledges. Dixie Kong can use her hair to glide in the air over long distances, which also proves to be advantageous to the player in some levels. In addition, there are some barrels that can only be activated by a specific character. Super Donkey Kong 2 also focuses more on the seaside and pirate-themed apparel of the enemies whereas in the first game the apparel was themed like the jungle. Many of the Kremlings resemble pirates, have wooden legs and eye patches, and are seen with sailor-like tattoos. These Kremlings are not specific to one level but are scattered throughout the game's levels. However, the method of defeating enemies remains the same between both characters. Both can jump on an enemy to defeat them or throw one another to hit enemies, or throw objects to defeat them.

Like many of Nintendo’s own published games, Super Donkey Kong 2 comes with cards showing the controls used within the game.