Title - Final Fight 2
Developer - Capcom
Game Type - Action
Catalogue No. - SHVC-F2
No. Of players - 1 to 2

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After the criticism Capcom got from the first Final Fight (only having one player being the main) they set out to address the problems with Final Fight 2 but as you would have guessed it, they messed up big time.  I don’t know about you guys reading this but I’d wanted the original trio back for the sequel or at least Cody and Guy.  I’ve never liked the big slow characters in scrolling beat’em ups.  However it seems some “bright” spark at Capcom had the “great” idea of only bringing back Hagar (the one I most wanted not to be in the sequel) plus two new characters.  Maki is Guy’s fiancée’s younger sister and as a result she’s quite feisty and enjoyable to use.  Carlos on the other hand is a complete nobody that seems to be in the game just for plot reasons.  He’s OK to play as but not a patch on Cody.  Anyway, the plot is as follows…..

Since defeating the Mad Gear gang in Final Fight, Mike Hagar, Cody and Guy, are kicking it back living their lives in peaceful happiness.  Cody has taken a vacation with his girlfriend Jessica, Guy has gone off on some training journey, and Haggar continues to run Metro City as Mayor.  Little do the trio know that the surviving Mad Gear members have secretly regrouped plotting their revenge under a new leader. They begin by kidnapping Guy's fiancée Rena, in Japan, along with her father and Guy's former sensei, Genryusai.

With Guy nowhere to be found, Rena's younger sister, Maki, calls Hagar and informs him of the situation. Accompanied by his friend Carlos Miyamoto, Hagar travels to Eurasia to meet up with Maki where the three of them join forces to take on the newly revived Mad Gear gang.

So there you have it.  Quite a lame plot for not such as great game.  I mean, Cody was on holiday??  Was that more important than helping out his friend’s family?  I guess so or at least Capcom thought so just so they could add dull as dishwater Carlos.  It comes as no surprise that Carlos was never featured in any other Capcom game again although Maki has appeared in various Capcom games since.

So what is wrong with Final Fight 2 apart from the character roster?  Hmm, it’s hard to put a finger on it to be honest.  I mean, it looks nice and plays well enough but there just doesn’t seem to be any motivation to keep playing.  The game lacks appeal.  One of the factors to this can be put down to the computer AI.  It’s cheap and dumb.  Many a time the CPU can hit you while you can’t hit them.  Enemies will wonder around the screen like mindless zombies and at other times nobody will even enter the screen leaving you to wait for them before you can attack.  Bosses are also bloody annoying.  They can block your attacks with ease then smack you down to the ground greatly reducing your energy meter.  It’s cheapness like this which makes the game more difficult than it should be.

I’ve already mentioned that the graphics are pretty good for the most part plus if you look you’ll find other Capcom characters making cameos throughout the game such as Chun-Li in the first stage of China.  The audio on the other hand is weak. Capcom’s Super Famicom audio engine is not the greatest out there.  The whinny tinny sound of the music does nothing to enhance the game unlike the soundtrack of say, Undercover Cops, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) or even the original Final Fight.

Sure, Final Fight 2 has two player simultaneous action but it doesn’t stop this from being an average scrolling beat’em up.  Do yourself a favour and save the extra cash for Final Fight Tough (Final Fight 3) or Undercover Cops.