Title - Donald in Maui Mallard (ドナルドダックのマウイマラード)
Developer - Eurocom Entertainment
Game Type - Platform Action
Catalogue No. - SHVC-AZBJ-JPN
No. Of players - 1
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Donald in Maui Mallard, known as Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow in North America stars Donald Duck under the identity of an anthropomorphic duck detective named Maui Mallard, who adopts the name "Cold Shadow" when he dresses up in ninja garb. For the North American versions of the game, all Donald Duck references are omitted for unknown reasons and the main character is only known as Maui Mallard. Though the end of the game informed the player to look forward to Maui's next adventure, there have been no other appearances of Maui Mallard or Cold Shadow in any medium.  Probably because this game isn’t very good.

I love Donald Duck, in fact I’d say he’s the only Disney character that I do like so I was really looking forward to this game.  Unfortunately I wasn’t going to get the experience I was looking forward to.  Apart from being extremely repetitive and dull, Donald in Maui Mallard has some of the sloppiest controls I’ve had to deal with in a platformer.  I just can’t put my finger on the problem but they seem way too floaty and no matter where you think you are going to land you never do.  The whole feeling to the controls is just so wrong.  It gets worse too.  As you jump the whole screen scrolls from left to right distracting you from where you’d like Donald to be.  This makes precise platform jumping a real head ache.  That alone is enough to make you want to stop playing.  Never mind the dull repetitive level designs.

As if you haven’t already guessed, it’s best not to even bother with this game.  It may look pretty in screen shots but that’s about all it has going for it.