Title - Darius Force (ダライアスフォース)
Developer - Taito
Game Type - Horizontal Shoot’em up
Catalogue No. - SHVC-DH
No. Of players - 1 or 2
High resolution scan pack download

The second Darius game to grace the Super Famicom with the first being Darius Twin.  Darius Force, also known as Super Nova in the US for some odd reason is one of those shooters that's very easily forgettable.  While it looks nice enough there’s nothing in there that will make the game stick in your memory unlike other shooters such as Macross with it’s fantastic parallax scrolling, graphical effects and awesome music.  Darius Force has none of that.  It’s all very plain.  Unlike Darius 2, even the bosses aren’t memorable as neither is the music.  Again, it’s all very plain.

Playability wise Darius Force is also a bit on the plain side.  The typical Darius formula is here.  Kill a chain of enemies to pick up a power orb which will in turn power up your main shot, bombs or give you a shield depending upon it’s colour.  There’s nothing wrong with this system and it does work well but putting such a standard power up system in a game that’s already quite plain doesn’t help much.

All in all, Darius Force is a pretty good shooter that’s worth a try.  The problem is that there are so many better and memorable shooters on the SFC that it’s easy to pass this one by.