Title - Araiguma Rascal (あらいぐまラスカル)
Developer - J-Force
Game Type - Puzzle
Catalogue No. - SHVC-R9
No. Of players - 1 or 2
High resolution scan pack download

Araiguma Rascal is a game based upon the late 70’s animation of the same name which was based upon the 1963 autobiographical novel Rascal, A Memoir of a Better Era by Sterling North.  So there’s quite a bit of history behind this title.  So with all that history they could have made an amazing game but instead we get another run of the mil puzzle game.

As puzzle games go this isn’t actually all that bad.  In fact it’s quite good.  Rascal is left with the task of sorting out a load of jars filled with various goodies.  His job is to put them away in order.  Unfortunately for Rascal, his fellow raccoon who is living in the tree next to where he is sorting out the jars seems to be doing a bit of spring cleaning himself as he constantly throws more jars of goodies and junk on to the ground where Rascal is working.  So you know what this means, right?  Yep, Rascal now has to work like a mad man trying to sort the jars in to orders of 3 which will cause them to magically disappear.  Anything is possible in fairytale land I guess.  If Rascal doesn’t work fast enough though the jars and assorted junk will pile up too high resulting in a game over.

As far as puzzle game concepts go, Araiguma Rascal offers nothing that you haven’t seen before however the whole execution and style of the game is quite nice and it does make a change from the usual vertical towers that we normally see in this type of game.  A nice puzzle game that’s worth picking up.