Title - Accele Brid (アクセル ブリッド)
Developer - Genki
Game Type - 3D shooter
Catalogue No. - SHVC-AY
No. Of players - 1
High resolution scan pack download

Developed by Genki for Tomy, this very bold attempt at bringing 3D “Polygon” gaming to the SFC without any special processor chips is indeed interesting.  The game is a behind view shooter on rails, meaning that you can’t actually decide where you want to go, only move around the screen on a pre-determined rout.  But this is fine.  There are many good “on rails” games out there such as the Panzer Dragoon series.  It’s a shame the same can’t be said about Accele Brid.  While the 3D areas are impressive they’re also very blocky.  I have a very strong feeling that the actual size of the 3D areas are pretty small and they’ve just been zoomed up to a larger size using the SFC’s hardware scaling powers.  The reason for this is to keep up speed since the SFC has a very slow processor so doing large 3D areas isn’t going to run smoothly without some sort of co-processor chip in the game cartridge, which this game does not have.  Still, even with the blocky look to the 3D graphics it still manages to look ok.

Accele Brid’s main problem is the way it plays.  First off the movement of the mech that you control is pretty sluggish at the best of times not to mention that it gets in the way of on-coming enemies meaning that you can’t always see a projectile or enemy coming towards you.  Another annoying feature is the sever lack of ammunition or jumping power.  I understand that the limits were implied to give the game more challenge but to be honest quite a lot of the time they just hinder the game rather than making it more challenging in a fun way.  Finally we have the hit detection.  This is probably one of the worst point about the game.  Trying to line up your weapon’s bullets with on-coming enemies or bosses it a real pain in the arse.  Sometimes you’d swear you were right on target yet the enemy would carry on unscathed while at other times you’d be pretty sure you missed yet hit the enemy target.

It’s a real shame that Accele Brid has sluggish controls and dodgy hit detection because it really does have potential.  The whole atmosphere of the game is just like an early 90’s future style anime and the music is pretty good in some areas.  So what could have been an excellent game is reduced to a mediocre title thanks to poor controls and dodgy collision detection.  Still worth checking out though if you can find the game cheap.