Back in 1999 Technosoft announced that they were working on Thunder Force 6 for the Dreamcast.  Fans of the series were over the moon in anticipation for this oh so dearly wanted title.  Unfortunately it never saw the light of day.  Technosoft were bought up by a pachinko company like many other game developers in the early millennium.  Even Sega were bought by the pachinko / slot company, Sammy.  Anyway, needless to say that Technosoft's days as a games developer were over.  Truly a black day for the fans of Technosoft.

Years past with nothing ever surfacing on the Dreamcast Thunder Force title.  Then in 2001 came along a comedy Sega simulation for the Dreamcast called Segagaga.  The idea of this game was to be able to run Sega in order to beat off the opposition.  Tasks included putting together good programming and R&D teams, merchandising and publicity as well as others.  All this was done in an extremely funny RPG style.  Anyway, once the game was completed you are able to access a secret shooter called R720.  Two modes are available with one being a tribute to Technosoft's Thunder Force series.  In fact you could say it's a homage to the ill-fated Thunder Force 6.  The game features music by the well known Technosoft artist, Funky Surroundin' as well as the Thunder Force 6 ship, Syrex.

Flash forward 6 years to 2007.  A company known as Factory Noise & A.G are producing a game called Broken Thunder.  It's no secret that this is a follow up to Thunder Force due to all the same fonts and phrases being used as well as the Thunder Force 6 ship, Syrex.  It's quite possible that Factory Noise are in fact members from the old Technosoft but as of yet I'm not too sure on this.

A year or so ago Factory Noise released a CD soundtrack called Broken Thunder, that was said to be the Dreamcast's Thunder Force 6 sound track.  Now Factory Noise & A.G have released this sample disc of their up-coming game.  The disc contains a high resolution MPEG movie of the new opening sequence, 20 high resolution GC jpg files, 3 MP3 audio tracks, 3 CDDA tracks (same as the MP3 tracks) and a text file.  The text file featured on the disc doesn't give much away in terms of what system the game is heading for apart from it's being currently PC programmed.  It's quite possible that it may head to the Dreamcast since that was the system it was originally intended for plus every shooter released on the Dreamcast to date including Trigger Heart (Feb 2007) and Karasu (March 2007) have sold extremely well.  A well known and loved series such as Thunder Force could easily be the biggest selling shooter on the Dreamcast to date as long as they got it right.

Below you can see screen grabs from the actual Broken Thunder opening movie.  Please click the thumbnails to see the full size image.


The movie featured on the disc runs in a beautiful 800 x 600 high resolution as the above screen grabs clearly show.  Unfortunately I can't provide such a high quality download of the movie due to the amount of bandwidth it would take up.  However thanks to Google Video you can seen 800 x 600 lower resolution version of the opening.  This video is to date the best quality streaming version of the Broken Thunder intro on any English language site.

Broken Thunder Opening Movie

Also featured on the disc are numerous CG images which would make beautiful wall papers for your PC / Mac.  These images have been slightly down sampled to save on bandwidth .  They still look pretty good though.  Click the thumbnail image to see the full size.


Finally we have 3 audio tracks containing music that will quite possible feature in the final version of Broken Thunder.  Click the link to down load the tracks. (Japanese language support needed to view the track names)

Broken Thunder by \SY Running time - 2:38

BTOP TY t by R Running time - 2:40

Ciel `'Jeteveux'` by \SY Running time - 5:41


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