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Site News - 14th January 2013 The Super Famicom section is starting to take shape with the addition of 3 more titles today. I’ve added Accele Brid, Akumajo Dracula and Arkanoid Doh it Again to the section. There’ll be much more in the way of SFC games coming in the future. The latest Battle of the Ports is out now on YouTube taking a look at all the home versions of that Sega classic, Out Run! Also don’t forget to check out the latest Retro Core 4 - Volume 15 also on YouTube And let’s not forget that the last show is now available to download in 720p at 60fps for those who like their high quality video over at the official site. 4th January 2014 - A Happy New Year to all and we start off the new year with the Super Famicom section finally being added to the site!! It took a long time coming but it’s finally here. So far there are only 12 games listed out of my pretty big collection but I will be adding more in the near future. So for now sit back and enjoy looking at Actraiser 2 - Araiguma Rascal - Assault Suit Valken - Bishin Densetsu Zoku - Cosmo Gang the Video - Darius Force - Donald in Maui Mallard - Final Fight 2 - Shanghai III - Sonic Blast Man -Super Donkey Kong 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time . The latest Retro Core 4 show (volume 14) can be viewed to your left or over at YouTube or the official site. Volume 15 will be available in about 1 weeks time. 17th November 2013 - I had plans to update the site last month but then GTA 5 came out for the 360 and there went any plans to update the site. Still, I did manage to add Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return of the Shredder to the Mega Drive section as well as redesign every page under the “A” Mega Drive section. The new layout is much nicer than the old one. Please check it out. In other news, the Battle of the Ports show is doing really well now with 8 episodes now on line. Check them out here. And let’s not forget Retro Core 4. The latest show (volume 13) can be viewed to your left or over at YouTube or the official site. 22nd September 2013 - Oh man, August was such a busy month and was the beginning o this month. I had so much planned for the site but just haven’t had time to get anything done until today. Well, as mentioned before, Segagaga Domain is about to start featuring Super Famicom games, YEAH!! The Super Famicom is better known as the Super Nintendo in the west and was home to many great games. Since I’m not only a Sega gamer I felt it would be nice to add my SFC games to the site as well. I hope you enjoy them. Only 5 titles have been added so far but please do check them out over at the SFC page.